Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Meaningful Life

Rambo thanked me last night for giving him a meaningful Buddhism thought and asked me to teach, remind him everyday to at least one Buddhism teaching a day. He actually understand and knew all the Buddhist teachings, it’s just that he needs a reminder to remind him again of 'Think good and Do good only.' Now, he always said that I’m on the higher level learning than him in Buddhism thoughts but I told him, “That’s not true.

In Buddhism, there’s no higher level or whatsoever high ranking in learning Buddhism teachings. Always treat yourself as the beginner and learn it from 0 level then you’ll be able to adapt more teachings to practice Buddhism. And make sure you practice it with total sincerity and loyalty, setting a good example of practice before you preach. Haha…always stay humble on what you have achieved to keep the good fortunes coming as when you’re egoistic, anytime it would be taken away from you.”  

This morning, I felt so fulfilling with Amituofo greeting from a Buddhist friend Kim who thanked and wishing me "Good morning, thank you for reminding me to be a Buddhist of 'Do Good, Think Good'. Haha...this is what I called an inner happiness I felt deep inside of me that means so much to me. I replied her, “Amituofo, good morning. Buddhism keeps us alive.” It makes me so happy to be able to send a good message of Buddhism teaching for good people like her to benefit from it.

Recently, Kim told me that she has become a stalker of my blog everyday as she got hooked with my blog sharing esp. on Buddhism topic. She has finally found a soul mate of a Buddhist friend who can share Buddhism thoughts with her. At times, she even said that I've taught her a lot she really took my advise to action on it, never procrastinate and she really did it at once. Haha…I replied her it’s ok to stalk me and never said that I taught her but we learn from each other. I dare not say I’m a teacher as I always treat myself as a student of Buddhism.

She has been responding to my ‘Letting Go’ blog from am to pm saying that this blog is damn good but then she apologized saying she shouldn’t said the damn word but a very good blog. She wished to print it out and share it with her Buddhist society in PJ with my permission. Haha…I thanked her, glad that she understood the blog and liked it as well. I told her she’s welcome to share it as long it is put into a good tool of sharing positive thoughts. She once invited me to her usual ‘Guan Yin’ temple for Buddhist activities but I couldn’t make it that Friday due to my busy project.

In fact, many of my family and friends always invited me for Buddhist meetings, chanting and praying session with them but I prefer to practice on my own. Sometimes, I did my very best to attend those Rinpoche’s visit just to support my stepdad who’s fully devoted to his Buddhist Society or attend the Vegetarian Dinner with Bro.Chai’s Buddhist Society the day before Chinese New Year. Other than that, I prefer to visit my own temple at home with 24 hours radio chanting ‘Amituofo’. So peaceful and blissful moments, that's why now I prefer to stay home than going anywhere else.

In Chiangmai, Thailand my sister Defney told me that night she can’t sleep as the music at the lounge was too loud but I was not disturbed by it at all as I only hear 'Amituofo' music that’s playing in my room. Haha…I brought it everywhere I go and it gives me total peace and bliss into my body, mind and soul. I asked Rambo to save a chanting prayer for my sister so she can have the same peacefulness like mine. It's actually staying inside our mind, what you think eventually become who you are. If you think good thoughts, good action will follow and become real to happen soon. Like I reminded Rambo every night before we sleep wishing 'Amituofo' to each other, "Do good, think good, purify one's mind and not to do any evil". 

Once you have achieved what you've practised that day of do good and think good, then you can have a peaceful, blissful sleep naturally. You succeed to live as a good person and the next day, you'll wake up beautiful radiating, reflecting bright lights to start up your brand new day with goals and glory to achieve. As long you stay healthy, pretty and happy by doing good, thinking good and eating good, you have no pain or sick, you've gain so much already. Always be grateful to be blissful in life. TQ Amituofo, I am thankful for everything!   

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