Friday, September 27, 2013

Truly Happy, Mentally Healthy


Recently my step dad always approach me to share his Buddhism thoughts with me as besides Rambo who's fully devoted into Buddhism learning, I'm also another eager learner who's willing to listen and learn from him with all my heart and soul. And I totally understand his sharing about Buddhism that he said I have the wisdom to explain it to my mom if she ever asked more about it and he wanted her to know all the great values too. You know sometime it's kinda weird, husband and wife may not talk about Buddhism with each other or like my sis and bro, who have been married for so many years they never really talk much about anything with each other anymore unless it's about their kids' related topic. 

That's why it is so important to have a good husband who can become your best friend, someone who understand you truly and love you sincerely. The most recent news that I heard from him is that he's getting involved in a business with a Datuk who owns a land where they're going to plant some kinda rare herbs for their health products. They also have a research lab, a manufacturing factory and asked me to try out some of the healthy drinks from the company. Haha...I took a few packets not for myself but for my uncle I told him as he knew I'm a fan of Cellfood believer. And so we talked about Cellfood topic again and I actually welcome him to test the Cellfood from their lab if they wanted to. 

And our conversation leads to talking about life, money and usually my stepdad would complain to me that my mom was spendthrift where she wanted to upgrade her car to an expensive Alphard. I totally support my stepdad as even my Uncle Ngoh has mentioned to her that money is to be spend wisely and slowly, not by spending lavishly like you have strike a Jackpot. Yea, sometime you may strike a Magnum4D or Toto cash prizes, spend some and save some or donate some for the unfortunates. And so she changed to Toyota Camry at last as we don't encourage her to get such a big, expensive car.    

Just like Rambo's business partner has mentioned to Rambo recently, "now I know why you listen to your wife wholeheartedly" because last 2 years when CW changed to Merc Benz from a Proton Waja he asked Rambo to get the same car too. Rambo of course voice out his eagerness to me but I was reluctant and I told him, "Let me study Merc Benz 1st". And I did, I join their Facebook page keeping update with their activities and joining their events just to get up close with them. I told Rambo's best buddy PA that his best buddy also wana change the same car. And he actually wazzapp me to buy more properties, joining him in all his weekly meetings. Rambo's best buddy is now on a jet plane flying here and there, been featured on TV and media yet they're happy to meet each other for a chat whenever they can. 

But last year I gave Rambo a green light to get a Hybrid Car that I've been waiting for many years to go green in my country. His good buddy from Johor got him the best deal from their relative and send it over to KL. From time to time, Rambo's biz partner CW talk to me about cars, fuel and travel when he send us to the airport for holidays by his Merc Benz. The recent fuel hike 20 cents not only dampen our 'Merdeka Spirit' for our country Malaysia but it also kinda stir up our dissatisfaction to the poor management of our country leaders. I love my country Malaysia but can't express much patriotism spirit with this kinda failed management. Rambo said lucky I drive a Hybrid car or else, I'm gonna 'Fan Toi'(flip table) liao. But poor others I said and CW also understand now the reason why I never simply buy a car just because I like it. 

Even properties, I would share this topic on why I never simply buy any big house just because I like it or wana stay in OUG area. Rambo always showed to me the houses on sale at Seri Petaling but I told him better not as I always reasoned to him that it's not the big house you're staying will keep you happy but it's the harmony in the house that will keep you truly happy both mentally and physically. Yea, although I did complain that staying in condo I can't fit my new shoes and clothings but I can always give away the old ones, replace the spaces for the new ones. Most importantly for a home sweet home rule is safety comes 1st and and having total peace of mind living with our loved ones. To be truly happy, live simply and stay healthy that really matters!

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