Thursday, September 26, 2013

HALLS Soft Chewy Candies(Thailand)

At Watsons Kad Suan Keaw while asking Rambo to pay for my beauty products, I was attracted to
this attractive HALLS candies box so I bought the two different flavours available here. It only cost
TBaht 10, now you know why Rambo loves to stay here in Thailand as everything seems affordable
for him here. Back in KL, he bought the HALLS RM5 candy at Giant I grumbled him like mad...Haha.
I know he loves me but it's really not worth it as with RM5, I can enjoy a tasty, yummy Nasi Lemak liao. 

The orange-coloured candies are not too sweet like before, too much colouring
I actually never encouraged my dear Charmers to take this too often. This one is
yummy as it's soft to chew and inside, it contains the sour bits of zesty lime in
strawberry coated candy. It's a big candy pill, only have 10 pills of 10cents each.
It's worth it and try to get it when you're travelling to Thailand anytime soon.

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