Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CELLLABS Qutie Coat Whitening Cream Mask Moisturiser EX Review

CellLabs Qutie Coat Whitening Cream Mask RM228

CellLabs Qutie Coat Whitening Cream Mask promised an experience of 40 seconds miracle for fairer and smoother skin which really amazed me at the very 1st facial I had with them at CellLabs beauty centre. The   40 Seconds Whitening Miracle does happens when tyrosine enzyme responsible for synthesizing melanin is inhibited. No bleaching and No peeling!

It contains Tranexamic Acid, a Japan Research and Development discovery which is also the most advanced biochemical whitening ingredient that infiltrates the skin to whiten the skin rapidly and inhibit production of melanin at the cellular level, ensuring a truly whitening effect happens immediately. It has been tested and certified to be free of Hyroquinone and Tretinoin, therefore ensuring that it's safe for your skin.

Not only it has won the Her World Beauty Awards 2011 that's paying tribute to beauty products featured in Her World magazine, it also won the Natural Health Readers Choice Awards 2012 for the Best Whitening Cream Mask. Another prestigious award by the famous Taiwan Beauty Guru Niu Er, you can read it in my past blog at

I gotta admit that I'm kinda biased and loving this mask to
the max because overall it's relaxing my body, mind and soul
to a trance of paradise fantasy during the spa pampering. I
enjoy inhaling the invigorating scent with result-proven for both
whitening and firming skin in just 40 seconds of my precious time.

This miracle mask actually provides moisture to your skin, tones and tighten your skin to repairing the appearance of dull and damaged skin. It acts like an antioxidant agent for both anti-aging and anti-acne capabilities. It inhibits the formation of melanin by suspending the production of the tyrosine enzyme, which is a precursor to melanin production. 

Not only it whiten the skin with its Hydrolysed Silk Protein that has a molecular size of 20 times smaller than other usual whitening products. These small molecules allow immediate penetration into the skin in just 10 seconds. The popular Argireline molecule is a non-toxic and non-irritant compound that relaxes the tension of facial muscles, besides effectively reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

It also accelerates collagen synthesis to provide anti-wrinkling and anti-inflammatory effect, giving you the natural face lifts without paying high cost for botox which proved to be so true. After rinsing it, I can feel that my skin is very firm, moisturised, lifted up naturally and radiant like a Snow White, just like having a facial spa from home. I love it so much that I got so hooked of wanting to use it everyday. So so loving it! 

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