Monday, September 2, 2013

BEAUBELLE Future Oxygen Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate

A lovely gift from Beaubelle last August for a review on my blog. 
Thanks Beaubelle, I like it when I received it! I have tried the 
texture at Beaubelle before I started using it on that night itself. 

Beaubelle Future Oxygen Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate achieve immaculate skin like never before. This Future Oxygen prepares the skin by stimulating higher concentrations of oxygen absorption into the skin cells. I always like oxygen kinda products for my skin as I know it works wonder to my skin esp.together with my Cellfood drinking water intake for my health, beauty and wellness everyday. 

The innovation behind the product is the ability for a regenerative vegetable active, Phylderm Vegetal C, to elevate skin's oxygen intake by more than 30%. It makes Future Oxygen one of Beaubelle's long-standing iconic products. When your skin is engulfed in a bed of oxygen, your skin cells are fuel from the deepest layer to the surface of skin to increase cell's energy level, enhance cellular metabolism, repair skin's imperfections and restore vitality.

Fast and easily melting into my dehydrated skin. Nicely 
packed inside a box cost RM468 for 50ml concentrate.

A fabulous complexion energizer and enhancer this product claimed to be, the skin is instantly glowing with brighter, fresher, softer and suppler skin after application. I actually applied more on my neck nowadays as the wrinkles and lines are getting longer and deeper due to my aging skin. No choice, the nature of the gravity takes place no matter what you do, what you eat and what kinda collagen intake you believe in.  

I have only use it about two weeks and when Julius wazzapp me I was on the way back from Thailand to Malaysia, I replied him that I will send him the review soon. Haha...I have prepared the pictures and informations for this review but I wana take more time for a better result review of my skin trial. I use it everyday after my anti-aging cleanser, toner, this Oxygen Concentrate and finally lock-in with a night cream before I sleep. I only need one full pump for my face and another pump for my neck usage. It's as easy as ABC! 

Foamy and fluffy bubble skin concentrate that's kinda
interesting and restoring my skin back to youthful skin. 

It's suitable for all skin types and for optimal synergistic results, use it in conjunction with Beaubelle's Amazing Luminance or Gorgeous range of skincare. I have yet to use the Dr.Defendo Cream from last year's product launch event but I already plan to get the Beaubelle's Amazing Luminance Set. I've reserved the set last month and I told Rosita that I'm gonna collect it this month in September once I'm free to visit spa this month. 

Both Beaubelle and I would love to share a great deal sharing with everyone for the purchase of this Beaubelle's Future Oxygen Skin Concentrate, you'll get a complimentary Super Oxygen Full facial worth RM260, that comes with Oxygen Infusion treatment(my favourite) and double masks pampering of Hydra+Oxygen Masks. Just quote my blog code 'Jacinta - JCFX01' on your visit to Beaubelle beauty centres. Enjoy your facial and the product from now till 31st Dec 2013. For more infos, check out their Facebook page at

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