Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Myanmar country is part of the 3 Golden Triangle countries that we decide to visit at the very last minute as
we're supposed to visit the northern part of  Chiangmai and Chiangrai, Thailand only. But my mom is always
a very kind-hearted person who wana support the humble Thai tour guide that kept on persuading us to go
for the optional tour. With added high fees of paying extra to all involved parties, we went for a city tour to
see Myanmar with total security of VIP service. We've just cross the border and walking slowly to explore it.

This is one of the stall making and selling their local 'kuih-muih'. See also wana eat liao, smell yummy too! 

It's cheap so my mom bought 5 pieces to make it 10 baht, spare the change. I chose this sweetcorn on
a round piece of cake that tasted really yummy I bite it real slowly. Haha...we all enjoyed the kuih a lot. 
One of the temple that looks simple but nice with green colour painting from the entrance fort to this temple.
We took turns to take pictures for good memories here.

The humble temple with simple decorations and low donation fees for praying with flower and 3 incense sticks.

The Myanmar city taxi that brings us around Myanmar city. 

The golden Pagoda Temple that look stunning and fascinating. Many Chinese tourists came from China,
and only 9 Malaysians were around here.

Seeing the local people here are so poor with persuasion pleading us to pray, all 3 of us go all out for it.
My escort boy is better than both my mom and sis(2 local ladies) escorts as everywhere I go, he would
follow and keep me cool with the umbrella he's holding up for me. It was so hot, all of us screaming hot
in silence as we need to take out our shoes here at this sacred temple. 

After praying and giving them some donations, we went for shopping around this temple. 

The famous Tanaka White powder that's freshly made into powder and put into a jar. Many Chinese are
buying it and DIY themselves with this stone. She's selling it like a hot cake. 

My mom bought this set from the temple for 3 of us. She said she don't mind to try it on her neck, my sis
Defney wana try it on her pigmentation spots and I would apply it on my neck and body as well...Haha!


  1. That powder, even their men use. Haha. Seriously great skin these people have.

    1. Haha...Yea, I see almost everyone of them are putting the powder on their faces. Well, we just take a chance on it since Bio-Essence also using it in their whitening skincare range!

  2. i never been to myanmar but hopefully i can visit that place in future :)

    1. You will get the chance Henry, you're still young and a long way to go! :)