Sunday, September 29, 2013

Virtuous Living

Often times my Facebook friends or friends whom I know very closely comment on certain subjects did sparked some disputes and anger from my family members. And they often asked me about it but I always reasoned to them to the fact that I knew them quite well so I tried to defend my friends that they never meant it that way. Even if they do act snobbish, egoistic, prideful or rudely, I usually  just try to forget and forgive them quickly because at the very 1st place, I never get offended at all as everyone can have their own opinions and thinking about it, there's no big deal about it.

And I don't have to live with that as I have my own positive thinking as to think and act truthfully about it, I'm totally fine with the situation. Unless for those who really pissed me off, I really deleted them off totally from my life. I knew my decision is final as the compassionate heart of mine is only limited for the good ones to stay in my life. I really have no time and love for the bad ones to be near to me. Many haters who play a fool who said bad things about you, they're actually just jealous about everything that's shining on you. They're childish, immature and always remained as losers in their lives. Believe me, they will never succeed in life!

In fact, sometimes karma have came upon a chance she actually regretted of her past action and trying to be nice to me at one meeting. I accept the nice gesture but I would never confirm her again even she tried to add me again. live a happy life, 1st you need to guard your speech that becomes your action, from your action it can leads to many regrets or prides that's gonna mould your bright/dull future. Always stay calm to have peace that can clears the mind and with love, it actually restores the vision to see clearly, far ahead of you effortlessly. 

So think carefully before you speak and always stay calm in whatever heated situation it's gonna be. Yea, sometimes I do feel very angry with someone who can said and did bad things to me or they bullied the others which actually suited more to herself but after realizing what kinda bad person she was, I totally felt so relief to the fact now she's not my friend anymore. In fact, long time ago nobody really like her at all and I never really care much about her hypocrite character either.  

"Better it is to live one day virtuous and meditative than to live a hundred
years immoral and 
uncontrolled."~The Buddha~(Dhammapada)

Last month in August during our Bloggers Gathering with Skinfood, we chance upon a conversation about Herbalife health drinks. Ju Li told us about a sharing where I tried to clarify the matter to them with nothing but the truth about Herbalife. Even Ellis told us that one of her student who got Cancer at Stage 4, who needs to endure for the painful Chemotherapy which only failed him and at the last resort, he actually took Herbalife fully with the 4 main products that I'm also taking now. And Ju Li said that among all of us, I would be the one who's gonna live longer life. Jess, who's a witty lady added, "Of course lah, people do so many good deeds and always pray to God, sure have a good and longer life" in our typical Cantonese chat which was more convincing to understand as the Chinese. 

Haha...I only managed to smile. I felt so 'Paiseh'(shy) as deep down inside of me, I dare not admit that I did many good deeds in my life. I have no comment to it as I knew they meant well and I knew they're also kind people who did good. In my honest opinion, I really mean to convey this great message to everyone that I don't have to live long for many years, so long I lived up my life to the fullest that I have did my very best by staying healthy and happy everyday without any pain and living virtuously everyday by cultivating good deeds based on my capabilities, I'm very satisfied already. We only live once and we should cherish every moments by doing good and think good that eventually bring us many more good fortunes to come. Just remember to do good and think good, your life will be good for sure!

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