Thursday, September 12, 2013

KAO Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask

Ooh, I love this hair mask so much I can't stop thinking about it day and night.
Actually I'm very lazy to use hair mask on my frizzy hair everyday as it takes
time and my hair look like a Lion King every morning when I woke up.This
mask is really heaven sent from KAO Japan. I bought it from Watsons Thailand
at RM18. To me, it's cheap and I wish I can buy more but I didn't pay for the
check-in luggage from AA. Another reason I don't Iike to fly with AA is this.

Not only it smells so refreshingly astonishing to me, the result is phenomenal as the hair mask nutrients
actually absorbed fully into my hair. And after rinsing it, my hair smells so rejuvenating like fruity scent.
Haha...Aah, so glad that I bought it as my hair now look smoothy like a baby. So worth it and loving it.
I also love the lovely love-shaped pink jar that's tempting me to use it everyday without failed. I bought
it before from a beauty blogger who sold to me at RM35. I will definitely stock up more in my next holiday.

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