Friday, September 6, 2013


On our way for a cruise to cross this Mekong River to Laos, one of the Golden Triangle country related to the
Opium plantation. This Mekong River flows through from China to 6 countries down below to Vietnam, Laos,
Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. China's mother river called the 'Huang He' runs through Thailand and
became the Mekong River. Really yellow and dirty, I'm not tempted to swim or touch the water at all...Haha. 

One of the captivating Golden Buddha statue view I managed to capture along the old-style river cruise.

One of the famous resort hotel with a big casino inside, that profited a lot from the rich and famous gamblers
who visit for a stay  at this gambling world. My mom looked at me when the tour guide showed us around and
told us about this. Haha...I only laughed about it, not interested to join any of the gambling activities now as
both Rambo and I have too many projects in hand to complete for the year of 2013. We can only relax after the
Winter Project that's been going on now and would be completed by Oct 2013, before we can travel again. 

Another huge casino that's very grand decorated like the Macau Casino I have visit before. Nowadays, many
tourists actually came from South East Asia esp.the Chinese from China, just to gamble, shop and sigh-seeing.  

The famous snake oil for men's vigorous health. Many other types with big lizard and other kinda snakes.
I told Rambo never buy it for anyone as not to encourage them to kill and supply more. Free also don't
take it as like in China, they always offered us free wine of tiger's tail lah, bear's palm lah etc. I never take it. 

Reaching to Laos country, it's a poor country with not much resources to help
their own people.My mom bought the plastic playcards from here for CNY...Haha!  

I bo interested to shop their souvenirs just like Cambodia and I was so tired I rest here for awhile. Then a young
guy sat beside me and started a conversation with me asking, "Where are you from?""I'm from Malaysia. What
about you? Israel. "Oh", I replied. "Have you been to Israel?"he asked again. "No, my country Malaysia forbids
us from entering Israel country.""Really?Why is it so?", he was curious. I explained to him the reason why and
he said that it was too bad then and bid me "Goodbye, nice to meet you"."Bye, nice to meet you too," I replied.  
The last picture memory of Laos before we head for our Thai Tomyam dinner in
Chiangrai. We took about 4 hours back to Chiangmai, it's a hard long journey but
we're satisfied with the Golden Triangle tour of 3 countries at one shot visiting Laos.


  1. Great principle u have there with regards 2 d snake oil.

  2. I've yet to visit Laos. Wow, you're very well-dressed & look so hot in red!

    1. Haha...Thanks Shirley, you look great too.You can visit Laos from a trip to Chiangmai+Chiangrai, try their northern part of yummy food. It's easier this way and save a lot of time!