Monday, September 9, 2013

Thailand, A tantalizing land!


Everytime I travel to Thailand, be it from Krabi, Phuket to Bangkok, the Thai always speak to me in Thai. Even my most recent tour in Chiangmai, they speak Thai with me I go gaga all over again. I looked at them, smile and said, "Sorry, I don't speak Thai." And they usually smile back and blushing shyly away. Of all the languages in the world, I really can't speak Thai at all as the writing is so Thai I can't even read a word of it except the 'Kap Khun Ka' and 'Sawadeka' greetings only. 

And I dare not go to Thailand alone as the last time I went Bangkok with a group tour, the immigration department thought I was a Thai, trying to stop me from coming back to Malaysia. My group of friends all passed through the immigration and waiting for me at the other side. But I bla bla with them in English saying that "I'm definitely not a Thai ok." So he let me go anyway. Thinking it back gave me a shiver memory...haha.

Back home, I told my mom about it when I showed her my holiday pictures she said that I looked like a Thai. Then she told me that her grandma was a Thai, having the Thai blood somewhere along the way. " only you tell me?" I told my mom and we really laugh till mad while chatting about our family tree. But at least I know now, as I kept wondering why everyone in Thailand have mistaken me as Thai. 

I never tell anyone about it except Rambo but now, everyone know then. He think that I looked like a Thai girl definitely and his Thai colleagues in Thailand also thought I'm a Thai when he showed our picture to them. And Rambo actually introduced me to them during dinner at the hotel we stayed in Bangkok, they said confirm I'm Thai, just like them. Haha...I guess I can't escape from the Thai blood in anyway.

My boss used to joke with my agent who asked him, "You hired a Thai girl to be your assistant?" after I graduated from MII, assisting my boss to take care of the branch RM30 million yearly business. He said yes but I told him, "No, I'm a pure Chinese" which is a true fact and I never knew about the distant Thai blood until I was 25 years old when my mom broke the news to me. 

Be it the reality or fantasy of Thai blood inside of me, Rambo always said that I'm the typical Thai who actually loves Thai food a lot, the Thai culture so much and even shopping also, shop till I drop from am to pm. But the fact that I love shopping in Thailand is totally true esp. their skincare, their shopping concept like member signing up getting a set of complimentary gifts that's worth grabbing and their clothing from jewellery to Thai dresses.

He always 'chou'(make noise) to me that he wana retire in Thailand and planning to get a house here but I told him, "No, don't play play". Haha...not only he loves to travel to Thailand all the time, he always asked me if I wana follow him to be based here in Bangkok for his working assignment that I totally forbids about it. I have a happy family here to care for and my dear Charmers to love for, wait till they're grown up and have their own lives 1st before we can decide for the future.

Talking about fashion, the Cambodian and Vietnamese having quite similar artistic designs like the Thai style but I was not tempted to get any of it. In Thailand, I totally fell in love with their fashion world. No wonder I like Jaspal brand so much , I didn't know it's from Thailand until I 'lap fo' till mad from Malaysia and when I was in Phuket Central, I really shop till I drop there besides the grocery shopping with all the yummy food. Will blog more about it real soon, bye for now!


  1. Wow! You seems like to have portrait a genuine Siamese there! hahaha

    1. mom+sis love to dress up like the Siamese and it was kinda fun seeing so many pretty ladies took up the photography package at this temple. So we went for the fun of it and we only pay about RM10 per person. Many of my FB friends asked me how much and they wanted to go for this session too in their next trip to Bangkok!

  2. wah you look so pretty in your thai dress!

  3. Just a Thai passerby.

    Yes, you look like Thai! When I first saw your picture on the title I thought "This is Thai." but after I read you blog another minute I found out that you're not. LOL :D

    1. Hi Thai Sasapong, Haha...nice to meet you here! :D