Monday, September 23, 2013

ORIENTAL PRINCESS Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Treatment Skincare Set

This is another new beautiful, wonderful Oriental Princess Miracle Power C set which I bought recently and
loving it so much. I got this lovely set worth THB495 for free as I bought more than THB1500 with any of the
Power C product. It comes with a nice Orange colour pouch that's nice but I gave it to Rambo to put his things.
He even said that lately all my new stuffs from shoes, handbag, dress and skincare also orange in colour seems
to click with my bright Orange Toyota Prius C car. Haha...true also, such a co-incidence I replied him as it's
now really on trend with the fashion passion plus the real passion fruits I'm passionate taking for my health.

This is the Miracle Power C serum that brighten up my skin which works from
deeper dermal layer of skin and smoothen my skin like baby soft skin. It's the
smoothness that tempted me so much to use it everyday without failed. 
Yea, I agreed with the statement listed on the description of this Miracle Power C,  it actually exfoliates in
the process of removing the dead skin cells, enhancing younger, healthier skin after using this Vitamin C
serum. I always looking forward to buy this kinda perfect-textured Vit C Serum that absorbed immediately
into my skin and as usual, it's always fated that I got to grab the good skincare from Thailand that works
wonderfully for me. Astonishing result yet affordable that is complete and comes with a whole Vit C set of
skincare for me to enjoy. This is what I called a total happiness that's worthy and a lovely deal for me.

I love it to the max esp.the refreshing fruits scent that stimulating my smell sense to perfection from the start,
 then comes the incredible feeling of smoothing it on my face, my skin is silky smooth like a baby. I told Rambo
liao that I'm gonna 'Lap Fo', grab as many boxes of this Power C set as possible in my next trip to Thailand. He
said he can asked his Thai colleague to mail it for me if I need it desperately but I told him, "Na, I prefer to shop
on my own with more goodies+freebies up for grab." It's really nice to grab all this great deals at one time, Yes!

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