Sunday, September 22, 2013

SKINFOOD Ginseng Mask

I love the mini size of this Ginseng Mask that's petite and easy to use also. I kept it inside the fridge so when
I apply it on my face, the mask is so cooling with strong, intense smell of Ginseng. I remember my Korea tour
at Jeju Island and all around Korea during one of my Winter Holiday, the expert once explained to us that the
older the Ginseng is, the smell of the Ginseng can be bitter but it's precious enough for good health, beauty and
longevity. In fact, we've tried so many type of Ginseng Tea that tasted so good many of us bought it as well.

This Ginseng Mask really blended, made from real fresh Ginseng that smells really good. It also moisturised
my skin to hydrated, radiant and smooth skin. I also like to massage this Ginseng Mask on my face as it's
kinda fun to scrub it all over my face, while inhaling the strong Ginseng scent. If you like to try this, check
out this blog now
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  1. seem interesting product to use :)

    Hope u do visit my blog back

    1. Yes, it is. Sure, will check out your blog when I'm free!