Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thailand - Chiangmai/Chiangrai (Day 2)

Day 2 early in the morning kinda lucky to have a great breakfast buffet spread from this Pang Suan Keaw
Hotel. My Thai tour guide told me that the hotel I stayed is one of the famous hotel in Chiangmai, which
I really took the initiative to search for the best hotel in Thailand this time and make sure they got me the
room before I confirm booking with the local Malaysian travel agency. My sis Defney told me that am
before I arrived that afternoon there's a group of Japanese gang staying at this hotel, full of people.

Lucky we stopped over at this Hot Spring pit stop for a rest before we can continue on with the rest of the
long 4 hours journey to Chiangrai+Golden Triangle. The water was so hot till most of us scream out "Hot!"
It took us some time to fine-tuned with the hot spring water here, slowly dip, keep the feet inside for good
blood circulation. 

We took the time to enjoy some eggs, chilling and chatting till my mom beh tahan, she went shopping
I took the time to take more pictures here and I wish I can spend more time here for a spa with a body
massage or stay at the hot spring resort.I don't just wana keep my feet rejuvenated only but wana feel
relaxing on my whole body as after the spa, we can feel that our legs were so light and easy.    

 Can walk and run like a young athlete, ironic but it's true. Although it's relaxing but at the same time, it
can be reviving enough to move faster and easier. That's the beauty of dipping in hot spring spa. No
wonder the Japanese love dipping themselves at hot spring spa all the time because it really works
wonderfully for beauty, health and wellness. Fantastic healing and feeling after that 'song' spa session.

This is the real stream of hot spring steam that gushed out rapidly from the natural source spring. It's hot!

We didn't visit the famous 'Bak Lung Temple' as we're going for the optional tour visiting Laos and Myanmar.
So on the way, we visit this White Temple that called 'Wat Rong Khun' in Thai. Such stunning temple that's
decorated in everything white in colour with gifted golden decors too. Really beautiful and wonderful place to
simply describe it.   

Simple yet magnificent contemporary style of a Thai Temple at the entrance itself.

I just fell in love with the overall artistic design of the temple and its surrounding area with spectacular
views from all sides of this temple.

They have strict rules here to the extent of must-wearing a White Sarong to cover up my skin. Cannot be
too sexy and lucky, I wore a dress that cover up my upper body+hands or I need to cover with another
sarong I guess. Haha...I only remember to wear not so sexy to cover up but forgot to cover lower body.   

The entrance to the sacred temple inside. Need to take out shoes and remain really silent when you're in there.

Haha...I make a wish, hopefully it come true for me. Toss a coin inside and it fell steadfastly on top of the pot. 

All of us pray and make good blessings for the family. It only cost THB30, a very nice tin coil to write our wishes
and blessings for safe keeping here at the temple.  

It would be blessed by the masters at the temple here. Felt so great about it!

My wish and good blessing that has been placed safely here, next to my mom and sis.

This splendid golden building is not a temple but a clean toilet with water facility, that's suitable for me
just like my home toilet. We prefer to use water which is cleaner and lucky Thailand is equipped with water
facility almost everywhere we go. 

On the way to Chiangrai, we stopped here for a toilet break and learning about gems like Red Rubies, Jade
etc. infos at this small factory of gems factory+showroom. Bangkok is bigger and grander in gems making
to the grandest showroom I have ever seen, can compete with China's big showroom I have visit in my
China trip. I went twice to their Bangkok Showroom, full of tourists from around the world and it's one of
the most successful business network that work wonderfully for many involved parties. And it was fun too
where we're welcome to have a tour like a Disneyland Tour at the start to learn the art of gems making before
we're invited for a free wine/coffee while admiring the impressive gems and jewelleries available around here.
Very tempting that somewhere somehow you'll fall in love with any of the sparkling designs here but it's not
cheap definitely. Kinda high in price but with good quality assured, that's why many are buying it for sure.