Saturday, September 14, 2013

ORIENTAL PRINCESS Lumino Expert White Set

THB300 per set that comes with a sexy satin pouch. Love it so much! 

Now, this is one of my favourite Whitening skincare set that's effective and reflective of bright-looking skin in just after one weekof daily usage. I signed up as their member but I told them honestly that I'm a tourist from Malaysia and I just gave them my passport number to be eligible for the must-grab sets. The manager who can communicate in English agreed to my suggestion, as before this the beauty assistant and me was in a state of 'Kai Tung Ngap Kong', totally lost in translation which happen all the time in Thailand. 

Haha...Rambo also laughed when I tried to explain to her and she tried so hard to answer me in English. I totally fell in love with their lovely sets that's fully-packed with worthy deluxe size products of skincare, body care and haircare sets. I wish my mom and sis were with me so I could buy all the sets available here. I really wana 'lap fo' when it comes to shopping, I am that 'Cheong Kong'. The manager kept explaining to me, asking me if I don't mind to sign this bill separately with the other bill products that I bought and I must said they're very honest kinda people. 

The cleansing foam that naturally brighten up my skin. 

That night itself after my 1st round of shopping trip all around Kad Suan Keaw, the biggest shopping mall in Chiangmai, I already started to use this whitening cleansing foam just to test the quality of this brand. Not only it didn't dry up my delicate skin on my face, it really brighten up my face that has been dull and damaged by the hot sun in North Thailand. I felt so good about it and started to use the whole whitening set altogether.

Only a little of this milky booster already did great wonders
for me having silky soft skin with relaxing smell for hours. 

The whitening serum texture is perfectly blended to absorb into my skin in just 2 rounds of massage. At the very 1st few days, I felt the stinging sensation that penetrated deeply into my skin, kinda itchy and a little bit pain like an ant bite so I sprayed lots of Cellfood to soothe back my skin esp. on the pimple area. I knew it's working effectively, deeply into my skin so I keep on using it till today, I can see the obvious result of having a radiant, bright-looking skin that I'm expecting from this whitening set. 

Another star product from this lovely set is this 'Milky Whitening Booster' that have given me a tremendous result of moisturised skin. The surprising, relaxing scent that not only smell so good I longing to apply more, it's actually lingering on my skin for hours. Even Rambo loves the scent so much and asked me about it when he's near to me. Overall, I love this set so much that I never failed to use it everyday and I'm glad I made the effort to sign up as a member for this privilege gift set. Yahoo!  

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