Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thailand - Chiangmai (Day 1)

The grand entrance of Doi Suthep Temple. I just arrived to Chiangmai and gotta be driven up to high hill
like Genting Highland to reach up this temple. Not only it involve driving climbing up the hill but we need
to climb up 300 stair steps up here so we rather pay the TB20 for a lift ride up here. Haha...not young liao!

It's a quiet, sacred temple with many Buddhist devotees from around the world
came here to pray. Such a nice and soothing temple here. The tour guide told us
that they chanting 'Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasam Buddhasa' with
3 rounds of prayers around this temple to complete the prayer at this temple. 

When she stopped the chant at half way, I finish up the prayer for the tour guide and her face brighten looking
surprised asking me, "Oh, you know how to pray this?" "Ah, yea," I replied her humbly. I taught my mom to
chant this prayer as she really wana devote herself into Buddhism and need some guidance to lead her into it.  

Doi Suthep Temple is kinda high up hill where you can view beautiful night views of Chiangmai city here and
we went the whole round of this temple to catch as many Buddha statues we can snap. This garden is too cute
we don't wana miss a memory picture with the cutie monks here.

The famous northern Chiangmai Khantoke Dinner that comes with bowls of noodle, vegetables, spicy chillies
that really spice you up till fiery inside out, fried chicken and fried fish snacks. They served us unlimited refill
of generous servings for everything we finished eating. Haha...really yummy and we really enjoyed it a lot. 

I like this fried banana too as it's sweet that comes in a basket of 4, just 'ngam ngam hou' for 4 of us.  

The Khantoke performance by the sweet, pretty ladies from the northern part of Thailand. 

Full of tourists from around the world, mostly 50% of them come from China. Farangs (western) not so many.
My mom and sis Defney already 'Kap Kap Kiok'(rushing) went for shopping trip just in front of this famous
restaurant. I took my own sweet time to eat a lot, watching dancing performance and join them shopping later.  

All of us like this hotel room that's spacious, clean with a bathtub for my spa bath and it's a link room
adjoining my room with my sis+mom next door. Not only I arrived with a yummy, juicy Pineapple juice
to welcome me but the great service at this Pang Suan Keaw Hotel is worthy of my stay in Chiangmai,
Thailand. This is the 1st time I actually did my research and requested to stay in this hotel that linked
to the biggest shopping mall in Chiangmai, Thailand as I wana spend one whole day of shopping here
and dining at my favourite restaurant Sizzler. Will blog more about it in Day 3 Chiangmai Blog, bye now.  

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