Monday, September 16, 2013

YVES ROCHER Strawberry Body Exfoliator Scrub

Just because I won the makeover for the Yves Rocher recent event by LilacBox, I went for it and I sure buy
something that I like. What to say it's beauty product that I'm passionate about. I always love this scrub by
Yves Rocher brand as it really smoothen my skin like a baby skin, deeply clean and fresh. I always looking
forward to use it everyday. I like the old-style packaging also, transparent that I can see the fresh strawberries. 

I used to buy the Yellow Peach that not only smells like heaven scent sent to me by an angel
brand from France but after the scrub bath, my skin is silky smooth and soft to touch. I bought
3 jar of buy 2 free 1 jar promotion as I think it's worth it. It is RM55 per jar and I can use it for
very long time and for many times also. Feeling totally magnificent about it after the scrub bath :) 
At times, Rambo felt my skin was so soft he's just playing with me, "Wow, what did you use today. I wana try
tonight."Haha...Yea, he's a 'hiao ka be si' kinda man who always wana use my skincare and and bodycare when
he feels that my skin is brighten up and silky soft. Even my dear LeAnne sometime she hugged me tightly she
once said, "OMG Dai Yiyi, why your body so soft and smooth. I wana feel you" by rubbing both of my hands
as she felt excited touching my skin. I told her I would let her try the scrub the next time we're on trip together.