Friday, September 13, 2013

CellLabs/Caring Pharmacy Exclusive Confidence and Beauty Prize Giving Event

The prize giving ceremony picture with the Management, Media members and Winners.

CellLabs Confidence and Beauty Contest Exclusive For Caring Pharmacy is to highlight the effectiveness of dietary supplements in promoting skin rejuvenation and greater health benefits, at the same time maintaining youthful beauty.

Sun, UV light, dietary habits, stress, insufficient sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption and pollution are among the factors that accelerate the aging process. As we age, our skin undergo some dramatic changes such as thinning of the epidermis and degeneration of elastin fibres, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles and diminished oil gland secretion resulting in dry and flaky skin.

To minimize the negative impact of ageing, some basic tips on maintaining youth and beauty must be adhered to long before the process takes place. With the newly launched CellLabs Sheep Placenta 15,000mg Plus with Grape Seed Oil, this anti-ageing formula helps to neutralize free radical damage, promotes quicker cell repair, shuts down sick cells and extends the lifespan of healthy cells.

CellLabs Sheep Placenta 15,000mg Plus with Grape Seed Oil is available at Caring, 
Guardian, Watsons, Hong Kong Sa Sa and all leading pharmacies.

CellLabs Sheep Placenta 15,000mg Plus with Grape Seed Oil contains 300mg of sheep placenta cells extracted from 15,000mg of fresh sheep placenta, giving it 50:1 purity ratio of active high-grade bio-active matter. Each softgel also contains three antioxidants – Grape Seed Oil + Astaxanthin 3.5% + Lycopene 6% in a single daily supplement. The benefits of these antioxidants include stimulating revitalization of aged, tired and unhealthy cells in our body, improving physical, energy and vitality, 3 in 1 antioxidant protection and smooth and radiant skin.

CellLabs in collaboration with Caring Pharmacy held a beauty contest among Caring Pharmacists in May 2013 to promote dietary supplements and the benefits of good nutrition. Each contestant was given 1 bottle of CellLabs Sheep Placenta 15,000mg Plus with Grape Seed Oil 60’s for 1 month consumption. Before consuming, they were invited to Cellgen Beauty Salon to take a photograph using Janus Skin Analysis machine. Janus Skin Analysis is the latest technology from Korea to observe and measure the pores, wrinkles, spots, sebum, skin tone and skin color.

And in June 2013, the contestants were invited to take the 2nd photograph to do the comparison of their skin before and after consuming CellLabs Sheep Placenta 15,000mg Plus with Grape Seed Oil. Majority of their results were amazing, although with 1 month of consumption. Their pores are refined, wrinkles are reduced, pigmentation is lightened, sebum production is regularized and evened skin tone.

Grand Prize Winner : Ms Yee Siew Fen, from Caring Headquarters
Consolation Prize Winners : Ms Cha Siew See, from Caring Headquarters
Mr Derek Moon, from Caring Seapark Outlet

The 13 Finalists were announced on 26 July 2013. Because of the stiff competition and to make the contest more exciting, there was a voting in CellLabs Facebook from 2 until 18 August 2013. The total of votes were counted as part of the judging criteria besides judging on the most improved skin texture/radiant based on pores, wrinkles, spots, sebum production, skin color and tone. 

The final results were announced last 23 August 2013, and they are pleased to announce the winners as picture above. To get up close with CellLabs, check out their Facebook page at

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