Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thailand - Chiangmai (Day 3)

Such a stunning, sophisticated art of Thai decoration at Pang Suan Keaw Hotel. Really amused and
mesmerized by it so Rambo took many pictures for me here, since today is my relaxing day only meant
for my shopping and dining day. Haha...I love this kinda rest and relaxing tour where I need not rush
to anywhere by car, just my own free time travelling by walking to the next door shopping mall only. 
I used to go KL Regent Hotel to visit my sister or having Hi-Tea there, they have
the same kinda lift overlooking the whole view of the hotel. Now seldom go as my
sister's company moved to MV, I seldom look for her. Nice view here at the hotel. 

I also love my big room, adjoining the next room with my sis. That night my sis already rushed me to open
the door that linked to her room when we arrived and I told her I will open after I enjoyed a hot spa bath 1st as
I really need to destress myself before we can chat all night.  

This is another lovely decors from this hotel. Everything is so Thai-styled,
tantalizing enough to stun you with its contemporary design. 

The 1st round of my shopping trip after my yummy lunch at the Pizza Company.

After keeping all my shopping stuffs, we went for a short swim just to rest and relax at the Olympic-sized
pool here, just nearby my room at the same level. My sister already said to me let's hit the pool together
but after our two days tour, both of them gotta rush back home by AA. Kinda wasted, when they wana
extend the flight, AA charged them few hundreds more. 

The biggest shopping mall Kad Suan Keaw, just next to the hotel I stayed for my Chiangmai travel here.

Many food stalls here selling everything and anything about Thai good food galore. See also drooling on it
liao but my heart and soul already been booked for the restaurant I have been missing all these years. 

The Sizzler Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurant for good food great taste. I love the food selection
and the unlimited choices until I have tried everything on their menu. And from time to time, they always
have many new upcoming food menu and the price is reasonable I would say. 

The reason why I love dining at The Sizzler is I can eat all I can, as many times as possible, no limit of time
that Rambo and I really 'Jiak ka liao' till perut buncit, so full. We order one main course each and trying
so hard to finish everything up as I always love their pasta, salad and soup. 

Their salad is one of the best I have tried with so many choices to choose from besides the sauce
selection also. Full of healthy goodness that add on more yummy to all the food available here.

The desserts are simple yet so yummylicious. It's smooth, melting inside my mouth and perfectly cute,
petite for my size for dessert. I don't fancy taking sweet things so a little bit of this means perfect to me.

The 1st main course that already drooling enough for Rambo. He gotta chant a prayer for the steak I order.
Sorry Cow, maybe once in a blue moon for me nowadays. I hope you can forgive me.

The second main course I order for myself is this Grilled Bacon Prawn, that's tasted fantastic enough
for a seafood lover like myself. I didn't take the bacon(no pork for me) but I really love the veges and
pineapple they added to salsa with this grilled prawn for me. Delicious to perfection!

Even the Black Pepper Sauce and Seafood Sauce that comes along with the main course, I finished it all
to the last lick of it. Haha...too yummy liao, I can't help it! 

After finishing my favourite buffet, I did another second round of shopping before I call it a day. At
Watsons, I get to grab this for my dear Charmers as I have promised them to get them this before I
travel here. They were so excited and asked me how I knew they love that each packet like the Red
was meant for LeAnne, Melody+HK for Ying Shan and Lynette got the Light Pink, I told them I sure
knew as I love them so much. Lynette esp. she kept kissing the HK and me as she's a grateful, lovely
girl who gave me two of her sweets for me to enjoy. 

They also loved this sweet, pretty hairbands that specially chosen for them individually. Lynette of course
got her Hello Kitty signature band that she kissed and wanted me to put on for her immediately. Ying Shan,
I chose Minnie Mouse for her that she wanted so much and LeAnne got the sweet Pink Love Heart that I,
myself wish to get one for myself too. They looked really pretty when I put it on for them, so glad I grab it!

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