Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Churp Christmas Tour 2013!

Glad to attend the Churp Christmas Tour 2013 on Thursday afternoon as I'm
on leave whole week for the Christmas+New Year 2014 holiday in Malaysia. 
I completed my projects for 2013 and now I'm only waiting for  final payment in January before I can celebrate
CNY 2014. I told ChurpChurp I always wana visit them but never get the chance so it's kinda fated I actually
Tweeted it and make it happen since I can enjoy Christmas holiday this week. It's all about the right timing!  
Yummy cake to drool us over that afternoon. Haha...I took one piece only as I wana diet for healthy me in 2014!

The party started with an ice-breaking game where everyone gets a paper and we need to ask questions,
guessing who we actually are. It's a fun game involving everyone getting interactive with each other.
Aster was asking questions and I gave her the hint that she have a big bum. She guess it right she's Kim
Kardashian. Haha...it's fun and I always gave them very obvious hints so they can guess the answer easily.  

Standing infront not knowing who you are was kinda scary because you have no idea who you are. To get it right
from the start, I gotta asked many questions and finally got it right of 'PSY' the famous Oppa Gangnam Singer.
Basically, the Churp Christmas Tour is all about visiting all the 6 departments from Nuffnang to Design Haven
X'mas decorations. From one dept. chop to another, we're given X'mas goodies from one corner to last corner.

And every corner stop, we took pictures for great memories to reminisce. Glad to meet up with all of the fresh
blood from Churp Churp Team like Amelia, Aster and Huey Mei. Full of enthusiasm and optimism spirit!
The Candyland House of Design Department. 

They called it the Design Haven, full of candies, lollipops and giving us candies as
souvenirs too.
The obvious TECH Dept. with its Christmas decor, creative enough to represent it!
The Christmas tree lighting on the wall, not a bad idea after all. 

The ADMIN and NOM NOM department sharing the office space here. Both came with inspiring decors as well.
The fireplace with the iconic Churp Churp cutie pie chilling around. Haha...so cute!

I like the Popcorn maker there but it's not working. I may wana get one for myself soon!
Aster sharing with us the details of the Christmas Tree built near ChurpChurp dept. 

The Churp Churp visit that presented us this cute toy to play with now. Not forgetting to snap a memorable
picture with Churp Churp X'mas decor as it's cute just like the Churp Churp Cutie Bird...Haha!

Nice and friendly team of Churp Churp Team here. Like I told Amelia, it's good that their team is full of fresh,
young blood new graduates like them to spearhead the group as we need more enthusiastic people like them. 

Enthusiasm spirit will eventually creates more optimistic and futuristic ideas for more projects to happen. Old.
mature people like us now would only advise, consult and gave more ideas for them to make it happen...Haha!
Last but not least the Nuffnang department to complete the Churp Christmas Tour 2013. 

The completed chop for today's thoughtful event, organised by Churp Churp. YES, it's done!
Classic decors by Nuffnang Dept. that somewhere somehow I managed to snap a picture to share with all of you. 

Last picture with the ChurpChurp great team for a memory picture after the brainstorming session with us.We
hope to see more projects offering for us in the coming 2014. I believe the young ones should grab those chances!
One last picture with the Churpers/Bloggers, Amelia thanked us for coming and we all thanked her for all the
great efforts. I told them I came early by 3-5pm for this tour as I need to rush for my next appointment already
and they did it. Be punctual is very important in time management, it's a form of respect and a good example of
a good leader to lead the team to success. If you're late because of unforeseen circumstances then it's acceptable.

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