Sunday, December 8, 2013

Portugal - Lisbon

Finally arrived to Lisbon city in Portugal. A nicely-sculpted garden for us to rest and relax here for pictures. The
Belem Tower is just in front of me but it seems that not many of us were interested to listen to the history story.

Haha...we're tired and our minds only focusing much wanted to shop in Lisbon. But to walk from the city centre
to the end of the street to reach the beach for nice pictures have taken us an hour back and fro. All of them got
very disappointed not being able to buy anything at all and I totally understand how they feel about it.  

I actually walk real fast like I'm in a marathon for pictures and then return to the boutique shops I've been
eyeing on my way to the beach. And it's kinda lucky I get to buy many nice clothings that I like from here. 

And then I rush back to the city centre to wait for the coach to send us to next destination. The souvenirs
are definitely not cheap here and not much choices also.

My new friends have asked me to show them my shopping spree coz they really
didn't get to buy anything at all. Rambo told them I walk like I'm on a race. They
like the Green Jacket I bought and I was glad that I managed to grab it from here.

I quickly get on coach for a good rest but then my friend Joslyn called me, giving me this yummy Portuguese
Tart to enjoy."Tq so much,"I thanked them, been grateful to them because they really 'Yau Ngo Sem' knowing
that I enjoy food alot. I shared it with Rambo, kept another one for supper. I told them on their next trip to KL,
they must call me so I can bring them for the best cheesecake from CB, or bring them around KL for good food.

This is the original cafe that made the Portuguese Tarts from Portugal. Full of people queuing up and inside the
cafe, full of tourists from around the world enjoying their pastries and coffee. I just went in to the kitchen
watching them make the tarts and taking many pictures inside here for the secret recipe...hehe. 

Melaka was one of the Portuguese colony back in 1509. Besides Macau people who still speaks Portuguese
occasionally but Timor Leste people in Indonesia, they actually use Portuguese as their official language.
Portugal history is kinda interesting because it involved Melaka, one of state in Malaysia that I'm having close
bond with esp.the food. Haha...This world map is huge enough to tell the world Portugal has conquered many
countries with all the talented people they have gathered including a pastor, located at the Lisboa Marina Bay.

We're all so tired but kinda forcing ourselves to take pictures here. And it's great also I got to learn the history
story about Portugal and my own country Malaysia. Money can't buy this kinda knowledge I learnt from here.

Last but not least, I took a picture with the Portuguese Tour Guide who speaks good English and a speaker who
can share a good presentation of the history story I would listen to. The rest, none of them really paid attention.
Haha...but China's history story will get you hooked for more of their memorable stories deeply for many years.

After having the big breakfast buffet, I went back to the hotel for pictures of Lisbon city.The airport actually
located right at the city centre and from time to time, I can see planes coming to landing down nearby the city.

Another reason why I chose this tour agency right from the start is because I don't have to return Spain for
return flight back to Malaysia. We fly directly from Lisbon back to Dubai-Malaysia that save much of time.
The Chinese always taught us, "Wo men bu zou hui tou lu' (not going back to the same route) and they
always know how to maximise time vs. itinery for tour. That's why they said if you go travel China for one
week, you're back inspired with 10 years experiences because you learn to adapt and how to survive there.
The Portuguese ladies are friendly, nice and pretty hot too. They provide good customer service and have
good manners as well. Portugal is also having unemployment rate of 21% with high inflation rate as well.

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