Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cryocell Cold Electrophoresis Review

Aesthetic treatment to me is dealing with the appreciation of art, beauty and taste nature. I'm happy with what God has given me in terms of health and beauty even if I'm not perfect. I'm grateful for who I am and how I look like as the original me. When I decided to review an aesthetic treatment, I told myself not necessary I have to enhance my beauty in getting a nose job or Botox but I can enhance my beauty by trying out any anti-aging treatments that are available from Mediviron UOA Clinic
     Recently, I received a few beauty salon and clinic invitations for aesthetic treatments but I told Joan I'm very busy this whole December month I just wana complete all the blogging posts as soon as possible before I can attend any other event. Like I told Joan honestly, I came that afternoon wanting to complete the 3rd final blog as I didn't wana owe her any blog, anymore. If I don't complete it by December, I'm not sure when I can complete it since I'm gonna be busy all the time and in the coming January month also.

And after a consultation with Dr. Lashela that afternoon, I insisted to do Cryocell treatment for the final review as I was not prepared for injection on my face and I don't think I wana do any injection on the haunting scar anymore. The good news is that this anti-aging Cryocell treatment is more effective than ever to start sooner or later when the skin has much greater ability to rejuvenate and repair by itself. 

Cryocell Cold Electrophoresis machine treatment is the newest and most innovative technology to make your skin absorb a rejuvenating solution without any injection but by utilizing a technology called cold electrophoresis. Cryocell Cold Electrophoresis treats all the same conditions that traditional mesotherapy does but without the redness, pain, swelling or bleeding caused by injections. 

At Mediviron UOA Clinic, they use Cryocell to make my skin absorb the iDerm Skin Brightening solution which contains a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration, Peptides to promote healthy skin, Arbutin for pigmentation reduction, Licorice extract for skin brightening, Vitamin C for anti-oxidant, fights free radicals and Minerals for cell function. 

The molecule size of the compound mentioned above are too large to be absorbed and cannot penetrate well by just simply apply or massage it to the skin. Without Cryocell treatment, the absorption of the solution is only 10-20% when massaged into the skin. The Cryocell treatment makes your skin absorb at least 80% of the solution  by making the molecules more easy to enter into the skin.

Stephanie did a wonderful job for me that afternoon as she double cleanse my face and gave me a cooling and calming treatment. I felt comfortable by her touch and I have full confidence with her beauty skills from the start of the machine+ampoule absorption treatment to the end of applying sun block for me. I told her I only need just a little bit of it and she did it with a big thumb up as she totally understand my beauty needs.  

She asked me to feel my skin after the treatment and when I touched my skin, I was surprised that my skin was silky smooth. I feel more relaxed this time during the rejuvenating treatment. No more dehydrated skin(before this treatment) and I was lucky that afternoon to have Stephanie to do the treatment for me and Joan to take pictures for me for this blog review. And I left immediately after a big "Thank You" to them as I gotta rush to Nilai already before attending a X'mas party. 

That night during the Parkson X'mas Party the Benefit Associate told me, "This afternoon I see you have a light makeup, now you didn't makeup right? I like your  skin so much, so smooth with youthful looking skin. No makeup also you can look so beautiful," she said that to me and I replied her, "Thank you, you look pretty too." Haha...I guess I don't have to say much anymore as the result speaks by itself already. 

I went home feeling great about it without having to remove any heavy makeup. I only need to double cleanse my face and neck during bath time, applied the basic night skincare and go for my good night sleep. Zzzz...such a blissful day spending my time with Rambo and friends after completing my full schedule and enjoying the X'mas shopping spree that night. TQ Amituofo, I'm thankful for everything! 

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