Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Melodramatic Love - Part 6

      The person I most grateful of in my life is Rambo Lim, whom I called Papi. When I was really sick to death, he never gave up on me. He saved my life by getting me the Cellfood cure from 'Bangkok With Love'. During the leadership conference in Bangkok, his Thai colleagues shared the miraculous oxygen water with him in which he had tried and tested on. Back to KL Malaysia, he quickly google the internet thinking to get it directly from USA for me but then he found the Malaysia distributor and bought it for me immediately. 

      Fast forward to a few months to years now, not only I'm back healthy inside out but I have a stronger immune system than him now. While he's getting sick every now and then with the hot weather, stress at work and unhealthy diet, I'm totally free from all the cough, flu and sick for many years already. And so, it's my time to discipline him with healthy diet and lifestyle now as I wanted him to be healthy just like me. 

      Not only he took such a great care of me when I was sick with tender loving care, he stays very loyal and faithful to me with passion of affection only for me. He's the man who stand strong for me all the time and fulfilling my demanding Fire Dragon character. I was pampered for years and spoilt by the Lim Family(my mom side) but he can deal it with lots of patience and tolerance for me. He's also my lover who can be romantic at times where he loved to surprise me with gifts all the time. 
      And although I've been so demanding with a strong personality of mine, he's strong enough to tame me with Buddhism values that I'm embracing now and having strong faith with. Buddhism makes sense to me where I really know how to cherish my life more now. Living simple life still brings many joys and happiness in our lives now. Although he's successful enough to provide me a comfortable life now, but I only want to live in peace that comes from within. 

He's my best friend whom I can share everything about my secret, plannings and feelings about life and my demanding golden dreams. He's my saviour, hero and my guardian angel who just happen to cross into my life since 20 years ago. I will always love him because in his eyes, he only see me appearing before him. And I will stay faithful to him for many years to come because I know I comes 1st in his top priority in life with all his might. 

Everyday he showers me with lovely compliments that instantly motivated me to do better each day and I know he's very sincere about it. He's the best hubby I have moulded him to be, and I'm very proud to have him as my bestie, lover and partner of my life till death do us part. I'm grateful and thankful to Guan Yin for blessing me to have such a great hubby of my life. That's life! 

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