Monday, December 23, 2013

Shiseido Professional Haircare Set

Last Saturday while waiting for the hair styling workshop to start, I went for a short
shopping at Isetan. Bought something furry in green shimmer me falling in love with
it at the very 1st sight. This are the lovely goodies of haircare from Japan they got us.
Full from travel deluxe size to normal size products that can last a few months for me.

I started trying the Shiseido Professionel Luminogenic range that smells heavenly
from heaven. I remember I wanted to visit the Shiseido Spa Salon at Pavilion after
I saw the ads from MWW Magazine but I was too occupied last few months I didn't
manage to go. So somewhere, somehow it's fated that I got to try this range at home.
Although it's a Shiseido brand, it still dries my hair if I used too much of it. 
This Shiseido Mask not only smells refreshingly rejuvenating with its revitalizing scent, it also taming my dry
hair to silky smooth hair. If you read the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine, the article did highlighted using
different kinda treatments with different ingredients to keep our hair healthy pretty. I wanted to try all the range
but it's already expired. Haha...if it's not meant to be, just let it be then as I enjoy pampering myself from home too.

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