Thursday, December 26, 2013


Merry X'mas 2013! A Peppermint Mocha Ice Blended Coffee to start my X'mas today. Wishing everyone be merry and happy in life. I am because my Uncle Lim is healthy, resting at home. As long he's healthy and happy, I'll be happy and merry too. He means everything to me and he matters to me. Life revolves around people that have help mould who you are today and part of my life involves him as well. 

And then I went to do a bit of charity at Avenue K for the REd Crescent Society. I got these cute Snowmen in Santa's Hat Pen as they looked so attractive and I share it on FB in case anyone are free or nearby that area can always drop by to do their part for charity on this meaningful day of X'mas. Luv, Jac!

Rambo was driving me from one place to another pit stop of my X'mas schedule, even on X'mas day I need to visit so many places in a day. Haha...we went for a Lim Family Gathering aka Gugu's Open House, we chat for a few hours before I rushed over to Midvalley to collect my Pink Jeans. I was very happy to meet Master from Bro.Chai's Buddhist Society, I called her as a sign of my utmost respect to her. 

She can't recognized me as she said I looked so different and my sis Toto said, "Wah, Sifu also knows how to praise others". "Haha, Amituofo Sifu", I called and asked Rambo to pay his respect to Master. In fact, I felt shy as I was wearing a sexy blue dress coz I didn't know she was there. can be contradicting and confusing at times esp. I do care and respect the elders very much, what to say an honorable Buddhist Master like her. 

That night we're supposed to sing K at Redbox Karaoke for X'mas celebration with the Lim Family, but then my Uncle Chew was quite weak so we decided to do a potluck party at their place. We ate a lot, took many pictures and chat all night long just to be around and spending good times great taste moments with the 'Lou Yan Ga'(elderly) dear Charmers were all feeling cheerful that night after a full dinner together.

Then, they started singing Last Christmas song joyfully. They wrote in the diary that they love me, grateful for the lovely X'mas presents but deep in my heart, I'm actually very thankful to God who gave me a happy family to love and care for. As long they're all healthy and happy, I'll be merry forever. TQ Amituofo and my beloved Guan Yin, we definitely had a blast of a simple meaningful X'mas celebration this year of 2013!

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