Monday, December 9, 2013

Life can be complicated

Last Saturday at Starhill, I passed through a staircase where a group of malay boys +girls were smoking. I use my right hand to close up my nose and coming down the stairs, they saw me and they open a big space for me to go through. And when I said, "Tumpang lalu" they said, "Boleh" and everyone moved away from there and hide their cigarette away from me when I was using both of my hands to cover my nose. 

At least they're smart in reading my body language that I'm discouraging people to smoke, not just in front of me but in public places as well. They need to realise this by themselves that smoking is not good for them. You don't really need me to tell you directly, making you ashamed of smoking at under age. I didn't say anything because 1st of all, I only mind my own business and I don't like to start any dispute or arguments that's not necessary.   

Buddhism has taught us to mind our own business and always guard our positive thoughts to do good+think good. So before you speaks the wrong words out from your mouth, make sure you think right before you blurt out those unpleasant things about others. Don't let your arrogance 'Mung Bai'(clouded) your ego to others because 1st of all, have you been perfecting yourself before you said bad things about others. If you're not perfect yourself then it's better to keep that 'mulut celupar'(bad mouth) at bay. Just lock yourself up and calm yourself down before you react and said it loud because once you did wrong, it's really hard to retract it back. And sometimes, apologies means nothing to me anymore at some point. I make sure I did the same thing too before I share it. I can be firm in my decision that's final. 

I remember the last Rambo Lim's Family dinner, my brother Chai was kinda offended with everyone's opinion about him raising his only 'Bao Bei son' and he left after paying for the Vegetarian Dinner. And so, everyone got so shocked with his last blunt answer as he's never throw any tantrum before kinda person. But I told all of them that they shouldn't speak to him in this manner because 1st of all, he's a good father who knows how to raise his child with the right teachings in life. And even sharing things with loved ones/close family, we still need to respect each other with honesty. Back home, I send him a wazzapp to cool his feelings about it "Learn to let go, forgive and forget and most importantly is that don't keep it at heart." He replied me with a happy smile that he will and I slept that night with a big smile too. 

But if the expression is meant good for everyone and to remind others not to be selfish to own benefits like this "If you see any notification from Facebook inviting you to play games, birthdays, like any page, it's definitely not from me because I never invite you to like any page of any group, company etc. If I do, I usually will pm you. And I don't welcome anyone or any group that only knows how to ask for like and votes including my old friends(I don't care if U'r Datuk, Tan Sri or Menteri also) because I welcome genuine friends to be my FB friends and not friends with benefits only. What goes around comes around!" then it's fine.

I really got kina fed-up with my friend who kept asking me to like 'Menteri's page' just because he wana bodek him for giving him business. That's not the way to be friend with others. I told him honestly as a friend that if he wana do it on FB, you can do whatever you like but not into asking me to like him(Menteri) for what? You're wasting my time and I'm not being arrogant but telling him how I feel deep inside of me. I rather tell him directly so he knows about it and I share this on FB so others know how I felt about it.  

And at the same time, I wana notify FB not to invite others to play games on my behalf or others who only know how to ask for votes but never being a genuine friend at all. There's no point of being FB friends anymore since you're not sincere of being a friend. I always gave business to others, I never asked others to 'bodek' me or like my album. I never asked them to add me also and support my blog, unless they asked me about it. 

A relationship is all about sincerity and loyalty. Just like Rambo's Bro.Chai who realised it recently about my blog, immediately he follow my blog liao. I never really push anyone to do things I want it to be. Haha...I always let nature take its course, 'Sun Kei Ji Yuen' is the key of my life. And if you don't appreciate being a sincere friend then 'Ming Keong Hai Mou Hang Fook' because in this life, there are so many good people around who are more worthy to be add on as friends and who can truly like what you're sharing. That's life, c'est la vie!


  1. ok get it :)
    I also have same feeling with u
    some unknown ppl adding u juz because they need votes frm ppl
    I also dun like ppl who talks behind others before they think about themselves, what even melampau is they tell it in a group chat where he/she reveal the name of the people they talking bad about

    1. Haha...Emily, this kinda people who talk behind your back will always be a Gold Finger. They will never be happy and will suffer later in bad karma.Just ignore them and let Karma take its place!

  2. Strongly agree with you dear! I really don like those ppl who keep sending game requests and keep tagging for the products that they are selling! It's so irritating

    1. Haha...True dear, sometimes tell them also don't understand so gotta tell them again and again!