Monday, December 30, 2013

COLLISTAR 30th Anniversary 2013!

SaSa beauty consultant kept pushing me yesterday to get this limited edition offer and I quickly grab it asap.
I love Collistar brand and have been loyal to its brand for many years already. This limited set cost me RM99!

Haha...I'm always hooked with limited edition products and this time, this Talasso Scrub comes with shimmer
bling bling and a 30th Anniversary Anklet gift. Glittering, shining and shimmering until I fall in love again.

The reason why I bought it because my big green Talasso Scrub is going to finish liao. I love it too much I have
been using it almost everyday just to smell its heavenly scent that stimulate my overall senses to perfection. It's
like my heaven home spa I'm always looking forward to pamper my delicate skin for total relaxation, love it lot!  

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