Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life Destiny

Life is not only short but kinda flies too fast like the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. Just like the parties that I attended in the recent months, both Rambo and I said we prefer to go for a Mocha at Coffee Bean instead of sipping wine or hard liquors at the events. And he even reminded me about the clubbing nights we used to party around this area in Jalan P.Ramlee and I said, "Yea, those were the days. Great old times with unstoppable clubs hopping from one club to another club in one night itself."

Now when the time clocks at 11pm, my eyes are preparing to slow down and getting ready to sleep and 'jun jun' twelve midnight, I'm blissfully sleeping like a Cinderella. No more clubbing parties or late night supper unless friends coming from out-station for gathering then I would do my very best to hold up my sleep. In fact, at the age of 37 we really can't eat or drink much also even if we wanted to. It's the nature we can't force or control it in anyway. That's life, just gotta accept it then.

In Spain, Joslyn asked me if Rambo is smoking cigarette during entertainment with friends. I told her, "No way, he won't dare to. Haha...I don't like my man to smoke also." "So good, will he 'tau tau'(secretly) smoke when he's with his friends. "No, he won't. I controlled who he mixed around with. I know that his business partner smoke and asked him to help buy cigarettes at the airport for him all the time but I always advise Chew to quit smoking. He told me he can't but will try to smoke less, doing his best."

Most of Rambo's good buddies never smoke and they're the best buddies ever since school days. I only joined their best buddies group when I was 18 and they were 20 years old back then. They're all good men alive and 2 of them are good bachelors who got very close to me because they're sincere and honest men esp. BT. Although a very blessed son from a wealthy family but he's a very nice guy, humble and honest too. During CNY, we talked like there's no tomorrow and we both speak English at times when the subjects are more relevant to it. 

All of them speak Hokkien when they meet during CNY, occasionally I speaks a little but I usually speaks Cantonese with them. I seldom join the wives club because I'm used to mingle around with the Jinjang Buddies for the past 20 years liao. The wives just joined into our group in the past 10 years and when one of them got divorced with our best buddy PA, they isolated her altogether. But I didn't, I still remain friends with her and care about her when she came to me, sharing her life updates with me. Obviously, we support our best buddy PA but we never interfere their relationship by adding more spices and torments in their lives. 

Like I told both of them, "the kids are the victims of this unfortunate divorce but both of you can still go on pouring deep devotion and commitment for them in their growing up years. Somewhere, somehow the family is broken already but both of you must do your very best to patch up the needed time and responsibilities for the kids as good parents." It's not the divorce result that they wanted but if both parties cannot live together anymore, 'min keong hai mou hang fook'(No happiness in a forceful situation) so move on and stay positive in life. It's not the end of the road even when a marriage ends up in a divorce.

In fact, sometimes I wondered why good Bachelor like BT still can't find a good partner in his life, or why good man alive like our best buddy PA can end up in a divorce. It is so unfair. But I did asked them why and they honestly told me what went wrong. At times, I told them maybe it's fated or maybe their 'Yuen Fen'(fate) is not arriving yet when BT told me, "See, I'm still single". He's so happy for both Rambo and I when I told him that we're gonna celebrate our '20th Anniversary' in Eastern Europe this year 2013.

I remember he sent me a sweet wedding Card on my wedding dinner with the Angpow that I passed to Rambo to keep. It's the thoughtful card that brings me all the joy and happiness he wrote for us. I still remember he said that he's waiting for the most awaited wedding of Rambo and I who have been together for so long when PA married CY that night. Just never thought that their marriage would end up in a divorce esp. they have two cute kids like PA. And after years of sincere and true colours of Rambo devoted love for me, I finally gave him the green light to go ahead with the marriage.  

My best ally Sis Toto and Bro Cheong did asked me why at last I would agree to this marriage? I told them that not only Rambo kidnapped me at the age of 18 but he actually forced me into marrying him. He took my birth cert and register at Thean Hou Temple. It's just a joke but it's true event that's happening to us. "Really", they were kinda surprised that Rambo dare to do such a thing but I guess he's kinda impatient liao having to wait for me for many years already so he made the bold move. He did all the rest, from the marriage part to the wedding dinner arrangement. I don't have to do anything at all as he asked me to be a 'Hang Fuk Dik Mrs. Lim' by doing nothing at all. Haha...and so I did, I just attend the wedding only. 

Many of my boyfriends couldn't believe that I got married to Rambo when I told them during our lunch meetings. They even said that they're broken-hearted because I never even gave them a chance at all. are very 'duo sem' even if they're happily married. Even the Bachelors, they tend to love many women at one time. To me, I value our relationship as friendship I told them. Nothing more than that but sometimes, they're too full of emotions and attachments where I need to stay far away from them. The truth is I can only love one man in my life and that is Rambo because he truly sacrifice a lot for me over the years with total loyalty.

It's the result that speaks by itself and we are happy just by staying close together forever. Sometimes, they even said maybe they're not good enough for me because they cannot afford to buy me a Bungalow house etc. But then I told them "No, it's not because of money, status(another Dato son who is a Lim also) and whatever reason it can be. It's fated that I met him 1st. All along the years, since school days I have many boyfriends who treated me nice but I never accept anyone of them. Except for Rambo, I truly likes him at the very 1st sight because he's kind and really in love with me. I can feel that kinda loving feeling from him and I finally accept him for who he is." 

He's definitely not perfect, so do I. We're totally the opposite attract kinda couple but we can blend perfectly like the Strawberry+Banana Juice I'm taking everyday. Actually, we're both very strong character kinda people. He's a Tiger, naturally he roars like a Tiger and I would 'Pen Fo'(spray fire) as a Fire Dragon when things go wrong between us. I seldom throw my tantrum because I'm a calm person by nature. For example when I lost my IC or Nokia L'amour Limited Edition, I stay calm and try to reflect my memories back, go back to the place and found back my precious things. I'm not like him, a Tiger who roars when things go wrong but when he knew how wrong he can be, he then apologized for being rude.

But a fight always bring back good peace to us esp. after we have fully devoted ourselves to Buddhism. Buddhism has taught us to be more open, generous, living simple life, positive and following the main commandments in life that make sense to us. To me, living simple life brings us more happiness because I don't desire so many things anymore. I always told Rambo that most important thing is he's safely back home sweet home after a hard day's work. The rest like when he's back with good news he's giving me RM10,000 for shopping LV, Fendi etc. comes secondary because nowadays, I only buy when I like it and if it's necessary. If not, I'm happy living up my life to see the world with him, spending time and enjoying life together or helping others realising their dreams.

And I always advised him to live and speak humbly like his Millionaire friends. Not all of them are humble but I wanted him to follow the good traits from the positive and successful people. Buddhism always taught us to be humble no matter how successful you can be. And only true friends would stay close with you if you sincerely being a good friend to others. 'San Shui Yau Seong Fung' which means the mountain water that flows through the river or sea somewhere, somehow link/connect to one another at the end so you may not know what's ahead of you and who you're gonna meet but always stay humble and help others today coz maybe tomorrow you may need others to help you back. Even if it's just a little gesture of help but it can mean a lot for you and others, you'll never know. What goes around comes around!

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