Saturday, December 14, 2013

Karma is amazingly wonderful

Life is amazing not because we're involved in the Amazing Race, but it's because life is obviously wonderful to me. Just last Saturday I share with Rambo after the Hi-Tea, something special called a good Karma just happened in my life. I guess it's fated that I attended this afternoon tea to improve my simple blog as I have cancelled the other two big events. I was caught up in 4 events spiralling me that day, all at the same time but I chose to attend this event and then I need to rush over to SaSa event. I thought if it's too rushing, I may have to skip the Horse Racing event that day as Saturday is supposed to be my relaxing day spend with my dear Charmers. 

Rambo said that my schedule for Saturday Sunday is super duper busy, from am to pm and as a driver for me, he said that he's super duper tired too. Haha...I share the old folks story with him that this incident actually happened since last year ago, where 2 of my friends told me about it. And such a coincidence KC told me that this rumour has spread into a big gossip when this beauty company associate asked her about this JJ girl. She told me that she didn't give much comment as she's not familiar with JJ and she asked me if she did it right this time by replying them this way.

I assured her that she did the right thing because sometimes people not only love to create rumour but they also like to 'Ga Yim Ga Chou'(add salt+vinegar) and exaggerate the whole truth. People love doing that doesn't mean she needs to 'Chai Duo Leong Keok'(step another 2 kicks) and stabbed her deeper because if she did so, she's gonna create more bad karmas for herself. In fact, she needs to 'Qing Ching' clarify the whole truth of the scenario if she knows about it. If not, then just say "No comment!" That's why I told her I never write for this beauty company or join their events as I don't like their bad attitude. 

Recently, I also seldom attend any events that I don't like. Like I told Adriene, the reason I attend the Ginseng Event is because the PR is very nice and humble. She called and confirmed, she reminded me of the event in the afternoon and make sure all of us are having good times at the event. At times, she did asked if I can share any press release that's important for her, I share it for her also even if I can't make it to the event. In the social world, not everything can be calculated or counted in a total like 1+1 equals to 2. Today I may help her for good but tomorrow maybe she's the one who may bring me more happiness for me in life although I never expect anything in return. I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around. 

Back to the story about JJ, I need to snap some cute pictures before I leave the event and she doesn't know who I am. I helped her by standing her back and not judging her based on the bad rumours, this time around she actually helping me back by letting me go 1st before her for the pictures. Save my time to think of it and I'm actually in a hurry. It's a matter of time only and in this case, a year gap that she's repaying my good deeds to her. Rambo also agreed with me that life can be wonderful and beautiful if we're grateful in life. Just like Bro.Chai and Gugu story I told him, how 2 of them can end up being together because 2 good people somewhere, somehow will meet up to be together, sooner or later only. 

Even if 'Sifu' at their Buddhist Community did mentioned about attachment (a deeper commandment in Buddhism understanding) and never really give any green light to the relationship, they confide to me that they respect Sifu a lot and not sure how to face her during all the weekly meetings. But I support their decision to be together and I assured them to give more time for 'Sifu' to accept the relationship. Everyone needs time to listen and learn, just like a baby who needs time to learn how to stand before he can walk step by step. Time will tell, time can heal and time changes everything including your destiny, fate and fortune. Live life to the fullest and be truly happy for who you are without harming/hurting others in life. You can definitely sleep peacefully everyday by practising love, compassion and giving. Tq Amituofo!

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