Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spain - Segovia

Gotta say 'Adios to Madrid' that early morning as we're gonna travel to Segovia. AC
Hotel is part of the Marriot Hotel Group, nice and comfy stay after a nice, hot bath.

We finally reached into the old Roman and Spanish Royal town of Segovia. We can see this Roman Aqueduct
from afar. Huge, high and standing steadily as the UNESCO World Heritage pride of Segovia historical town. 
Spain's history is kinda complicated, I'm not interested in listening much about it so I climbed up the many
steps of stairs, leading us up to a clearer and further picture scenery of a captivating town of Segovia. 

As it's raining a bit, I climbed up slowly and took my own sweet time to snap as many pictures as possible. It's
cold but at the same time, we enjoyed the lovely scenery here from the high altitude city of Penalara Peak.
Such a stunning view here!

Strolling and relaxing at the top of the 'Victorious City'. Coming down from here, I told all of them to be careful as
it's wet and they were surprised we're kinda fast reaching up here because we are considered young and still able
to climb up the many steps of stairs.But we still need two stops for Rambo to take a deep breath to reach up here.
The Segovia Specialty called 'Cochinillo Asado,' simply means the the Roast Suckling Pig that was milk-fed and
special-bred pig cooked in an oven with a special ritual where they use the plate to cut them in small pieces then
he broke the plate after the disturbing cooking ritual. So pity the piglet! 

I told them I don't take pork, I asked them to serve me salad and pasta. My friends
kept telling me it's delicious and asked me to take a bite or two just to taste it but I
just enjoyed my pasta+salad, grilled chicken and some red wine during the lunch.

All of us really have some great time enjoying our lunch that afternoon. The soup was great as I took a 2nd
refill with ample time to mingle around, taking pictures for Spanish dining and wining experience in Segovia.
Segovia is one of the 9 provinces that make up the autonomous region of Castille and Leon. I saw the beautiful
 'Alcazar of Segovia', the Royal Palace of Spain and thinking why we never stop there.Such a waste!

Actually there's no time for shopping but I still get to buy some manicure clearance from this beauty shop on
my way back to the coach. I make it really quick, just grab and go. At times, the women felt so frustrated they
didn't get to shop during the tour because the time was meant for tours and dining but not focus mainly for
shopping. I enjoyed going by tour because I get to maximise the time for travel as many places as possible in a
day without having to worry for good food, luxury stay yet I still manage to shop if I want to, like I'm in a race!

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