Sunday, December 15, 2013

HONEYPOT Glam Party - Brazilian Wax

After having a great Thai Tomyam Kung at BSC, I attend the Honeypot Glam Party at 5.30pm as I don't wana
be late. I rather be early to start up the 1st agenda on the list and learn more about the intimate treatments here.

When I reached to Honeypot, I was not aware that I was invited for a Brazilian Wax for my 'down under vanity
care'. I thought I came here to learn a thing or two about waxing as many of my friends have asked me about it.
But then I was ushered inside the room for the surprising,scary treatment that turned out to be fine for me.

The treatment room with Australian-based products, A-Z care for hairy beauty. Haha...since I'm here
already, I really have no choice but getting it all done as soon as I can. Thank God I'm happy with the
end result of clean, chubby sexy look there. No more fear but still shy about it...Haha!

Trina is my therapist, who did a good job for me as I told her to be gentle with me. I totally have no clue that I
would experience it this fated evening. And lucky, Trina is professional enough where she did it for me going
through my way. I told her very clearly, no pain but gain and she needs to count 123 before she peeled off the
cherry pink wax from my skin down under. Initially, it was pain as I was not used to it yet and she did asked me
from time to time if it's painful as the treatment went on. I felt relieved after completing it. She did the 'Playboy'
RM120 for me as I want it to be as simple as possible, while asking her many questions about Brazilian Wax. 

Azewin from Temptu Malaysia took the makeup stand for us that night with a 50's bang of Marilyn Monroe look.
For more infos, check them out at 

The Marilyn Monroe Look of the day, totally transformed to my favourite style icon.
I was not used to the look at 1st but then slowly, I can accept the bold makeup look.

One of attractive Honeypot vanity care available here, the Strawberry Kitty Wax. Cute packaging ha!

The other range of products like feminine wash, mist at RM75. 

A time to remember and reminisce sweet memories with a sparkling wine here.

Mocchi took a nice picture for us and I love it coz we look so geisha-like Marilyn. 

Haha...the pretty JQ Monroe picture, she looks fabulous like a doll. We kept staring at
each other's mole and laughing the whole night through.The mole actually says it all. 
Last picture with Elfie from Salina and Associates who organised this Honeypot Glam Party and Temptu Malaysia
who transformed all of us into Marilyn Monroe. Not only we got beautify down under vanity beauty, we brought
back beauty goodies worth RM300 that I have started to use it already for my after Brazilian Wax treatment care. 
 I'm glad that I attend this event as I learnt so much what's Brazilian Wax Treatment
is all about. I have no problem explaining it to Mocchi when she asked me about it.
And now when others asked me about hairy beauty kinda thing, Honeypot is the place I would recommend
for sure. No pain but gain. Check out their Facebook page at

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