Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Wonder 2013

Before I attend the Churp Christmas Party yesterday, I had a short coffee meeting with one of my CEO friend who wazzapp me "Good morning dear, how are you?" So I decided to meet up with him at 1.30pm before my 3pm appointment. I 'Tam Pak', honestly told him we can only have a short chat as I need to rush to KL jam area at Jalan Sultan Ismail by 2.10pm. I don't wana be late and so I asked him to fast forward a bit of the important story we're sharing about.Haha...both of us can be so busy this year, we seldom get the chance to meet up for a casual chat like this. We used to meet up after 8pm, a few years back. 

He always shocked me in shocking stories like he almost died last November due to heart failure. When he posted his FB status at the hospital, I already message him to take good care of himself. Like I always said, health is the ultimate wealth above everything else. I asked him yesterday, "You didn't sleep well and must be too stress achieving your goals in life" and he said, "Yes, you're right. I only sleeps 3 hours a day every night." "You cannot go on living like this. You're harming your life and there's no point having so much money but you can't enjoy it", I earnestly reminded him again. 

Besides the hospital 3 weeks recuperation, he really shocked me with another hot news that he's getting a divorce as he's getting married soon. And I was like, "What? You have just introduced your wife to me this year and now you're telling me you're getting divorce with a new wedding bells ringing in Maldives soon. I can't believe you sometimes. I thought you love your wife very much with 4 big kids. Can they accept it?" Bertubi-tubi questions came splashing at him and he answered me with speed also. We even plan to meet after my event on Saturday, choosing a nice ring for his new bride.

He have a driver who can send him everywhere, so I always asked him to come to my area for my convenience. At times, he invited me for many gala dinners but I rejected it because I don't want any unnecessary rumours spread among us. I mean we're both married people, friends who are business-minded thinkers but I prefer to live my life in a low profile world now. Just like my sis Toto used to invite me for the lavish party thrown by her friend I told them I'm not interested to go except for charity dinner, I would give my full support to attend that. Other than that, I asked them to enjoy it without me. 

I believe that everyone should make the effort to meet up for a gathering or meeting(business) just to keep each other with the most updated news. This year 2013 itself, I seldom play FB and update my status also because of the high demands from Japan market. So I'm grateful that my friends still invite me for events which I can only chose the best two to go and after that, my Saturday and Sunday are gonna be fully-booked for my dear Charmers and Rambo's Family. They all know that but at times, they still asked if I can go. If I can go, I sure go but if I can't, I always asked them to enjoy the event to the fullest. Even my long lost friend S.Mei just told me last Nov, we always wana go shopping together but we failed doing so due to my frequent flying overseas this year. 

I promised her, "Sure we'll plan one shopping day, no need to travel overseas even in KL also we would shop till we drop real soon." My dear Charmer Lynette is even cuter, after we met at the Coffee Bean, she told me "C ya Saturday" and I replied her, "Sure, C ya!" Coming that Saturday, my mom 'Balik Kampung' so I quickly wazzapp my sis she needs to inform her or she'll be expecting to meet up with me that day. I told her about it the next Sat, she told me my sis Defney didn't tell her about it she kinda 'merajuk' liao. Then I told my sis, "Next time must pass the message no matter what happens" then she's back to her happy mood again. nowadays have strong inner feelings, must respect them like how they respect us with faith. After all, they deserve to know also esp.things that involved keeping to promises and action-oriented plans. C'est la vie!     

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