Friday, December 27, 2013

CLEO January 2014!

Kinokuniya RM30 

Cleo have just rolled out its magazine with a new outlook for January 2014. And what is more inspiring is reading the message by their editor Jing Shia, I like what she's trying to express her feelings about her new baby Cleo. And it didn't disappoint me at all with the price tag of RM30, I get the 'Biotherm Purefect Skin' skincare set to start my beauty journey for total beauty pampering in 2014!  

Haha...Cleo is definitely one of my favourite magazine of all time. I know I'm gonna be 38 years old this coming 1st Jan 2014, but I never stop buying Cleo magazine for the past 18 years. From Cleo Australia, Cleo New Zealand to Cleo Malaysia, it's one of my must-buy magazine on a monthly basis for fashion, beauty and career guide. Stay cool Cleo, keep up the good work for many years to come! 


  1. this is cool and quite worth it also!
    going to grab it if any chance to going to book store

  2. Yea, so cool and worth it. Must-grab Cleo Jan 2014!

  3. wah you certainly don't look like 38yo!! ;)

    1. Haha...Thanks dear, long time no hear from you. Keep in touch!