Monday, December 16, 2013

Giving Thoughts

Rambo share with me one of his new staff MeiMei told him one day, "Wo ai shang Jacinta"(fell in love) after
reading my blog and my personality through Rambo's story telling. Rambo said he was surprised and I replied,
"She's so cute. You must be too 'Kua Jeong', exaggerate the story about me." Rambo tried hard explaining to
me that he didn't coz he only share our love story with her one day but then she kept asking him to share
more stories everyday. She said she have never met someone like me and wish to meet me someday.

Before I travel to Spain that night, she actually bought 2 cheese cake for me to try
and although I was so full , but I finished it sharing with Rambo. I really appreciate
her kind gesture and I don't like to waste food also. I bought her Spanish Choc to
repay her kindness to me. 
Rambo came back one night with this Tiger's Eye Bracelet+Earrings for me. He told me 'Xiao Mei Mei' really
hope to meet up with me and hope that I would like this X'mas gift. She even said, "I can't afford to buy her
expensive gifts as I know Da Ge Rambo can buy for Da Jie". Haha...I laugh out loud and asked Rambo to pass
a message back to her saying, "Tq very much, I really appreciate it. I know it's not Pandora but it's the thought
that means a lot to me. I'm gonna present her a lovely bracelet I bought from Portugal. We'll meet one day for
sure." Rambo then said,"Aiyo, beh tahan you all gals. Like to 'sung lei sung hui' (give each other gifts)." That
night I slept with a big smile on my face like 'Jap Dou Bou'(found a treasure) thinking I only blog for passion,
sharing good thoughts with everyone but just never thought that a good fan like her was born from my blog.
If she's reading this blog, I wana wish her "Thank you for your support, I really appreciates that. All the best
to you. May Amituofo bless U always. I hope to meet up with you real soon. Luv, Jacinta!"


  1. Hi, Da Jie,...XiaoMeiMei here... Nice to meet u here...Brilliant thanks for your yummy chocolate and the lovely bracelet.. I really really appreciate and love it from my bottom heart ... and please keep on your works as i will always support u... All the best and may Amituofo bless U always too !!!! Hope we really can meet up in very soon....Love, XiaoMeiMei !! ^_~

    1. Hi Xiao MeiMei,

      You're most welcome. I'm glad that you like it. Thanks, Amituofo bless us always.Sure, we'll meet up one day soon. Luv, Jacinta!