Wednesday, December 4, 2013


One of the '10 Simple Things' you can do today that will make you happier, backed by Science is sleep more besides exercise more. A very good article I have read recently, simple facts of life and it's backed by science to prove it's true. To me, it makes sense because I always make sure I sleep enough 8 hours a day so I have a better control of my mental strength. Naturally, I sleeps at twelve midnight and I have no trouble sleeping at all. After a short meditation that I have did my very best for that day, I'm all ready to get a good night sleep. 

Like I told everyone in my family when it's time to sleep I sleep, be it on Emirates Airbus, MAS or Air Asia. Haha...Rambo told them, "This girl when she sleeps, she really don't care about anything that's happening in this world. Shopping also no mood, she just wana sleeps the whole night through." Haha...To me, sleeping is 'Dai Guo Tin' (top priority) as it means everything to me to be able to start a brand new day for me on the next day. I wakes up everyday having very good mood and motivated to start my days to achieve my goals and glory in life. 

"Wah, so good for you Jie. I can't sleep well," my sister Defney told me. When I heard her said that, I felt for her and gave her the Rilax to try. And she asked how effective it can be. I told her the same like I have told Betsy from Livelife that "I don't have any problem with my sleeping pattern so I can't say much about this point of helping me to sleep but I can say that when I woke up that morning, I didn't feel lazy at all. It's easier for me and I make sure I have less stress as possible to have a deep sleep during that 8 hours, without having to go for a toilet break also.

When I asked "Who have trouble sleeping at night?" Everyone said, "Me" I was like, "Sure bo?" And they share with me their problems trying to sleep at night one by one. I have a few samples of Rilax ZZZ here and if you like to try it, pm me through email or comment here and I will send the sample for you to try it. Or you can always click to this link at  if you're interested to try any of the healthy products listed here. Sweet dreams and sleep tight!


  1. Rilax Zzz helps me sleep well and wake up with a fresh perspective too. Good sleep brings all the positive vibes! MUST TRY!

    1. Haha...Good for you. True, positive vibes will bring us more good fortunes to come!

  2. That feeling Rilax gives me when I wake up fresh the next morning... indescribable. It really works!