Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spain - Salamanca

We arrived at Salamanca, another UNESCO Heritage town after Segovia. Here, we
visited the Casa de las Conchas, the House of Shells, Cathedral and the 1st and
oldest University in the world called 'University of Salamanca'.  

It was founded in 1134 , which is the 1st European Institution to receive the formal title of University, by King
Alfonso X in 1254. I see many university students here studying inside the library(House of Seashells), I came
inside the library as I love books. Haha...the others prefer to stay around for more pictures at the top(I went). 

And almost all of us wanted to go shopping around the Plaza Major. But the time is too
limited for shopping trip here, we only get to shop all along the streets leading us back
to our pit stop. Haha...I still manage to shop a little and playing around with cuties here.

One of the famous goodies to bring back home from Salamanca is this thick sweater
of 'Universidad Salamanca'. Every shop is selling this, full of colours and designs  but
I only managed to choose one that I really like from the last shop. I only want the best
material of fabric that's comfortable with the right price tag of Euro 10-15 and I got it.

The last picture here with the bright lights out at Salamanca before I leave this place. All of us gone missing in
action as we're all too occupied with shopping spree around. Haha...Malaysians love to shop, that's for sure! 

Jeff already mentioned to us before we reached to this 4 star hotel it's one of the old,
beautiful hotel in Spain. Yea, we kinda falling in love with its antique decors and its grand
chandelier that sparkled like a big diamond at this lobby. A stunning grandeur of style! 

It's time to eat at the fine hotel where they actually prepared us a romantic ambience of grand seating for two like
the king and and queen. Haha...with red wine provided somemore but when everyone asked me how's the taste? I
gave a thumb down and after Dickson tried it out, he said he knew why I said that. He poured for everyone of us,
said it was 'Lafitte's brother La Comprosa', reminded me of the funny TVB Series that featured the red wine cost
thousands of dollars. I laughed out loud, laughters that attracted Jeff to come to our table asking me to share the
 joke with him and he lol after hearing it. That night, I was really full with good food and long laughs that got me
'perut kecut'. I took a hot, long bath and fell asleep very quickly into a blissful sleep that night with sweet memories.

The fun continues when Joslyn wanted Olive Oil for the bread and so I asked the waiter for it. He couldn't understand
and I use my hand gestures to show him a bread rounding the plate. All of us laughing like mad and he came back
with the Olive Oil. I said, "Yes, this is Olive Oil. TQ!" and he said, "I'm sorry Madam. My English is not so good"And
I replied him, "It's ok.Now you know!""Tq Madam". We laughed again and enjoyed the yummy Portuguese Fish dish.

Early in the morning, we are getting ready for breakfast and 'Tomyam Maggi Mee' to start the day. Obviously,
it helps to give me better energy level to at least taste some Asian meal before the usual Continental breakfast. 

We have reached to the border of Espana Spain and Portugal. Take a break for toilet
or coffee with pictures before we passed through, just a few steps away in front of us.
Hello Portugal, we are coming in now!

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