Sunday, December 8, 2013

P.Ramlee Getaran Jiwa

P.Ramlee is forever my favourite 'Malaysian Lagenda' film actor, director, singer and composer of all time. I think I’ve been hooked watching his movies at home since primary school days liao. At times, his movies only ended after midnight and making me laughing all night long, my mom who went for her toilet break usually urged me to go to sleep but I told her, "Na, I wana watch till the end. You sleep 1st, Good night!" it's Rambo's turn urging to sleep at night after 12 midnight but I would answer him the same "Good night, sweet dreams!" I don't know how many times already I've watched all his movies and never get bored with it, esp. Bujang Lapok, Do Re Mi and Madu Tiga. I love most of his songs very much and I can get very emotional at times when I sings his songs because I totally feel the meaning and the emotion of the songs, pouring my heart and soul into it.

Rambo said I can be very sentimental when I sings his songs. Haha...To me, singing is the freedom to express my inner feelings from within. When I sings, I wana bring out the meaning of the song and the emotions of the song as it means I'm truly appreciating the songs that I sang. Even listening to his songs can truly keep me soothing and uplifting my mood all at once as well. He is considered the icon of the Malay entertainment in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Enjoy the song and don't forget to check him out! 

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