Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Wise Choice

Last week my best ally Sis Toto sent me many pictures of her Winter Holiday to Kunming China with her whole family+her friend whole family. At last she decided to go for the China trip which I totally support her to enjoy the holiday together with her friend. From July 2013, she already asked me to go Myanmar excursion with them but I'm not interested to travel there. And after I went for my Golden Triangle holiday in Aug/Sept where I visit Myanmar country, I told her to pass the message to her friend Grace not to go for that kinda holiday they have shared with me. 

She kept sending pictures to our Lim Family Group(Rambo's side) Wazzapp everyday, and one day Rambo and Bro.Chai posted their holiday pictures too. Haha...both Toto and I laugh out loud and I said they're both 'sot liao'(crazy already). I was so happy for her so I said to Toto, "Wah, so beautiful of China. Enjoy your holiday!"My sis replied, "Thank you but very tiring." "China holiday is like that, get used to it. So wonderful, it's totally worth it," I told her with a Haha laugh. Bro.Chai then said, "Very jealous" but then I told all of them "No need to be jealous. We plan to go China again next year."  

Bro.Chai quickly replied, "Yay, count me in!""Haha...of course, you're always welcome to join our holiday group. Will update you once I have confirm every details. "Yea, thank you", he replied. Men are a group of simple species kinda people, they're more expressive and not shy to share their feelings on things they strongly believe. They seldom hide their feelings of jealousy but tend to sharing it out. It's one of the plus point I salute about them coz it shows that they're pure and sincere enough. 

Just like Toto, the reason why she send those nice pictures to me is because she knew I'll be happy for her. It's a simple ABC kinda feeling that we're happy and supportive for each other. At times, her husband and Rambo just cannot stand his sister Toto who can speaks so long and I would be laughing all the way through our conversation for hours. They kept telling everyone in the family that we both are like twins that stays very attached to each other. Haha...Dragon and Rat are allies in Chinese zodiac prediction, that's why we can be close with each other.

Haha...Yea, usually I would rest during my travel to Cameron Highlands but with Toto, we can chat for 4 hours all the way up there. We clicked because I really admire her for being kind and sincere as a Buddhist. She makes me laugh a lot just by sharing her thoughts. And I like her the way she is because she always love helping others who are in need. That's why when she told me she sold the big house at Eco Setia Alam to get a shop office for an investment, I agreed with her decision on that. It's not the big house that would welcome me to her place I told her, it's the person I like to meet or not for a gathering. 

She would share everything with me, be it financial or family matters. I always told her that I'll be the 1st one who's gonna support her all the way to the top, even if she needs any financial help besides all the mental strength of hope. Sometime I have plans of my own on Sunday for a spa to rejuvenate and recharge my body mind and soul to full battery potential, one Sunday I missed out our dinner plan. I didn't know that we would meet up every Sunday so after I apologised, "So sorry, shall we meet next Sunday as I'm here at MV nearby to my home. I meet you next Sunday ya" and she totally understand that.  

From that incident, I make sure she knows my schedule so we kept each other updated every Sunday for our dinner gathering. I enjoy having Sunday Dinner with the Lim Family because every dinner we talked about life, society and charity that need our help and support. At times, we know that they have funds from the Buddhist Society who wana contribute to certain charities and from there, we would try to share it among us. That's what we would do to help while we can, while we're alive and healthy now. We never expect any return but we hope that the charities we helped are genuine and sincere of helping others who really need help and support. There was once, Rambo got so fed-up with this company that sounds insincere in helping this charity that I felt the same way too. 

But I told Rambo, we only help one time off only as someone tagged me to help and I just wana support her as a friend. Maybe she doesn't know her well also but we take it as a lesson learnt. From now on, we only help those charities we know and close to. Doing charity is meant to be happy and willing to go all out to help the unfortunates, not to be 'Sau Hei' because we don't owe you anything and we don't wana create any trouble at our side at all. I've been doing all this for years since my school days but seldom have this kinda attitude problem, but what I see now it's the publicity that they want and not sincerity to help. So I told them once and for all, I will go direct if you cannot afford to deliver your duty. I'm sure they welcome us in a more professional way of helping them in need. A charity is meant to be caring and giving kinda loving spirit, it's not meant to be selfish with ulterior motive behind it! 

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