Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Austria - Salzburg and Vienna

Arrived to Salzburg the 4th largest city in Austria, we're excited to explore one of the
many best-preserved city at north of the Alps. It's also the birth place of 18th century
famous composer Mozart. Everywhere here featured all about him, from cafe to chocs. 
The iconic Staatsbrucke area where everyone of us stopped for many pictures here. Salzburg Old Town is also
listed as another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. We're going for a Chinese lunch at the city centre. 

Before the much sought-after Chinese lunch at the luxury restaurant at city centre, we're walking steadfastly
to Mirabell Palace, The Sound of Music filming place. And Rambo managed to snap this nice picture for me!

From the huge garden to this iconic fountain at Mirabell Palace-The Sound of Music movie, the song Do Re Mi
was filmed here if you can remember the movie. Although I've watched the movie for so many times, I never
get bored watching it over and over again because I love all the songs and the story line too...Haha!

After the heavy lunch and long chat with new friends+many cups of hot Chinese tea, we begin our next trip
destination of Austria to Vienna. Austria's souvenirs are expensive but if it's nice, it's worthy to keep. I bought
my dear Charmers Austria's souvenirs and I told them it's from Austria, not Australia. And I make sure they
can differentiate these 2 different countries as both are having totally different kinda cultures for sure.

 It's really yummy and I'm very satisfied with it . It's only a tea break time after a heavy lunch so I bought the
yummylicious soup, shopping around here and took some pictures from the surrounding area of this place. 
Seeing all the yummy food, I wish to try all the appetizing food here but got too full liao. It's expensive in Euro
so none of them really dining/trying the food here until they got to know that the coffee cup can be kept as
souvenir only they go for the coffee. I didn't join them, I enjoyed easting so I tried on the creamy soup. 

This is the Austrian Restaurant that served us lousy dinner. I only took a bite of it
and just a gulp of the Ajinomoto Soup, I put my food aside liao.I rather take Maggi
than taking their so-called famous dishes but I enjoyed the original Apple Strudel. 

Haha...this is the best moment for all of us, shopping spree time. I managed to shop
many great stuffs here.The Swarovski Crystal Bra that's so awesome, I can't resist the
temptation of buying it asap. Not only it's adorned gracefully with shimmering bling
blings, it's also sexily wrapped in lace that you'll feel stunning wearing it all the time.
Juliana also love the dress I managed to grab an offer from H&M, the green Austrian
dress with Gold lining that she wana get for her daughter. She totally fell in love with it!

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